NEIGE collection are not only well designed clothes but also responsible attitude to production. We put impact on control on each stage, optimization of fabric usage and cooperation on a local ground.

We quit keeping permanent stock levels in order to fight with the world’s garments overproduction. That is why the clothes you order are made on an ongoing basis, thus each piece is unique and goes straight to its owner.

According to us the influence of fashion on the environment should be as important as its aesthetic value, that is why we choose the most eco friendly solutions. On the level of designing we try to create parts of our collection above trends and their quality lets you enjoy NEIGE for many years.

Here we would like to show you the basis of our brand:

We appreciate people’s work and the place we come from, that’s why we focus on local production which in full takes place in Poland.

We do care about good hiring conditions and our team atmosphere. Sewing rooms and sewers we work with are decently paid.

Most of our designs are made individually up to ten working days from the day of your order. Such system helps us limit overproduction and makes each piece of clothing unique.

This is the basis of our work. Each finished production is controlled thoroughly before it is cleared for sale.